2017 MiLB Top Performers – Tigers

The following is Baseball Farm's depth chart of the top performers by position across all MiLB levels for each organization in 2017. You can hover your mouse on each individual player to pop up a more detailed player profile card.

The hitters rankings are purely based on Baseball Farm's proprietary statistical performance at the plate and on the basepaths. Our rankings are a function of weighted: runs created, batting average, on-base percentage, runs scored, home runs, stolen bases and strikeouts.

The pitchers rankings, also based on Baseball Farm's proprietary statistics, are a function of weighted: earned run average, WHIP, total seasonal strikeouts, home runs allowed and strikeout to walk ratio.

The individual statistical categories are selected and weighted based on their strength of statistical regression (r^2 values) for success in MLB. All assignments and ages are official as of the close of the 2017 MiLB season.

    Third Base
  1. Jordan Verdon (A-Short) .321/.409/.547
  2. Josh Lester (AA) .245/.335/.379
  3. Colby Bortles (A-Full) .245/.329/.348
    Short Stop
  1. Ronny Rodriguez (mlb) .338/.365/.558
  2. Isaac Paredes (AA) .268/.349/.461
  3. Wenceel Perez (A-Short) .337/.412/.465
    Second Base
  1. Kody Clemens (A-Full) .246/.367/.369
  2. Harold Castro (AAA) .275/.298/.344
  3. Kody Eaves (AA) .206/.274/.319
    First Base
  1. Will Maddox (AA) .300/.342/.410
  2. Dominic Ficociello (AA) .267/.348/.395
  3. Nick Ames (A-Short) .269/.348/.590
    Left Field
  1. Jim Adduci (mlb) .309/.358/.474
  2. Christin Stewart (AAA) .255/.333/.487
  3. Jason Krizan (AAA) .254/.330/.415
    Center Field
  1. Jacob Robson (AAA) .304/.393/.476
  2. Daz Cameron (AA) .277/.356/.434
  3. Danny Woodrow (AA) .329/.377/.416
    Right Field
  1. Reynaldo Rivera (A-Full) .267/.334/.469
  2. Mike Gerber (AAA) .216/.270/.423
  3. Troy Montgomery (A-Adv) .258/.370/.310
  1. Burris Warner (A-Adv) 1.24 ERA | 1.13 WHIP
  2. Drew VerHagen (mlb) 1.65 ERA | 0.86 WHIP
  3. Drew Carlton (A-Adv) 2.38 ERA | 1.06 WHIP
  4. Blaine Hardy (mlb) 0.74 ERA | 0.62 WHIP
  5. Matt Hall (AAA) 1.71 ERA | 1.08 WHIP
  1. Eliezer Alfonzo (Rookie) .391/.486/.496
  2. Brady Policelli (A-Full) .267/.347/.419
  3. Jake Rogers (AA) .206/.303/.379
Eliezer Alfonzo Brady Policelli Jake Rogers Will Maddox Dominic Ficociello Nick Ames Kody Clemens Harold Castro Kody Eaves Ronny Rodriguez Isaac Paredes Wenceel Perez Jordan Verdon Josh Lester Colby Bortles Jim Adduci Christin Stewart Jason Krizan Jacob Robson Daz Cameron Danny Woodrow Reynaldo Rivera Mike Gerber Troy Montgomery Burris Warner Drew VerHagen Drew Carlton Blaine Hardy Matt Hall

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