The Crop Rotation – Bryan Abreu

The rich just keep getting richer.  Pioneers of the spin rate revolution and an organization that altered the game with how teams rebuild have an interesting diamond in the rough on their hands.  Everyone knows the pitching talent the Astros possess both at the major and minor league levels.  Verlander, Cole, McCullers (will miss the 2019 season, unfortunately. We are going to miss that curveball) hold down the fort at the major league levels. Meanwhile, Whitley (the best pitching prospect I’ve laid eyes on), Josh James (who knew sleep apnea could hide all that talent?), J.B Bukauskas, and Corbin Martin are all chomping at the bit for their chance.  It’s easy to get lost in a system like this that is still loaded with talent despite the players they’ve graduated in recent years.  I recently found a player in their system that no one seems to be talking about, and we very much should be.

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Cream of the Crop – Minnesota Twins Top-20 Farmhands

Going into this system I had high expectations, but this system blew me away honestly. It is far deeper than I realized. Alex and I, for the first time in doing these top 20’s, strongly disagreed on players and the top 20 as a whole. It lead to some incredibly interesting discussions (who knows maybe they carry over into a potential podcast *winky face*) that caused us to reevaluate first impressions we had on multiple players.

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Winter Harvest – Part 1

The air is feeling cooler and baseball diamonds have become vacant across the country as football season is in full swing. It feels like it was just yesterday that we had baseball to liven up our daily lives. After an exciting postseason with our new blood colored sock overlords, we now must wait until the […]

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The Crop Rotation – Brusdar Graterol and Matt Manning

So far, all my prospect writeups have focused on position players hailing them all as potential Phenoms.
Today I’m going to try my hand at evaluating pitchers. As many do in fantasy, I buy into the adage of
there is no such thing as a pitching prospect (shorted to TINSTAAPP, still a mouthful but wouldn’t call
people in the fantasy baseball community creative, so we might have to outsource for a better name).
Instead of spending an entire article on one pitching prospect and most likely looking like an idiot when
he doesn’t turn out. I’m going to hedge my bets a bit and highlight 2 of my personal favorites when it
comes to young arms. This way I double my chances of picking a successful pitcher down the line.

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The Next Phenom – Vidal Brujan

Always searching for the Next Phenom, I have set my sights on yet another talented Tampa Bay middle infielder. 20-year-old Vidal Brujan is next on my plate as I determine whether he is capable of holding the mantle as the Next Phenom. Brujan was signed as an international free agent back in 2014 and made his professional debut in 2015 at 18 years old. He is currently in A+ ball and is performing so well that he caught the eyes of my readers and has been recommended to me multiple times, so I decided to check him out. Sufficed to say I’m impressed with the player who currently ranks 8th in our Seasonal Hitters Statistical Rankings this season (you can see them here.)

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