DIGGING DATA: 2018’s Strawberry Start Studs

Back in the halcyon days before Baseball Farm was born, Chip Bourne created a methodology for determining which hitters and pitchers at each MiLB level had the best performances on the prior day. Tweaking the pitching performance data to determine the ‘best’ starts proved to be surprisingly tricky. So Chip came up with a formula which we have christened the “Strawberry Start Ratio” (SSR).

The SSR is inspired by Baseball HQ’s work on the PQS system. Basically, a pitcher gets credit for hitting certain benchmarks during the course of a start. The benchmarks for our SSR system are:

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The Crop Rotation – Bryan Abreu

The rich just keep getting richer.  Pioneers of the spin rate revolution and an organization that altered the game with how teams rebuild have an interesting diamond in the rough on their hands.  Everyone knows the pitching talent the Astros possess both at the major and minor league levels.  Verlander, Cole, McCullers (will miss the 2019 season, unfortunately. We are going to miss that curveball) hold down the fort at the major league levels. Meanwhile, Whitley (the best pitching prospect I’ve laid eyes on), Josh James (who knew sleep apnea could hide all that talent?), J.B Bukauskas, and Corbin Martin are all chomping at the bit for their chance.  It’s easy to get lost in a system like this that is still loaded with talent despite the players they’ve graduated in recent years.  I recently found a player in their system that no one seems to be talking about, and we very much should be.

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Ray of Sunshine: Wander Franco

Have you ever wondered about a certain baseball player? Like, have you actually sat down and observed a players ability to hit the ball, field the ball and throw the ball? Well, have you ever watched a 17-year-old get so much recognition that everything he did was just a buzz? If you said yes, then […]

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