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  • The Harvest Weekly Standings

    The Harvest Weekly Standings

    Greetings fellow Farmers! If you are unfamiliar with The Harvest, Baseball Farms first ever draft and hold roto fantasy league for prospects, you can find more detailed information on the rules and draft results here. This page will serve as a continually updated look into the standings of The Harvest …
  • The Harvest Draft Results

    The Harvest Draft Results

    Below you can find the draft results for the 2018 Harvest prospect draft. Navigate through the tabs to see round by round details.
  • The Harvest: Baseball Farm’s Annual Prospect Draft

    The Harvest: Baseball Farm’s Annual Prospect Draft

    Welcome to the Harvest! This is the first installment of Baseball Farm's annual prospect draft. We've collected some of our favorite baseball writers from the depths of the internet to join us for a draft and hold prospect league.