2017 MiLB Pitching by Organization

Below are Baseball Farm’s 2017 year-end organizational pitching rankings. These rankings are solely based on the aggregate 2017 minor league statistical performance for each organization. These rankings do not reflect the overall organizational depth or future prospect potential for each org. Rather, these rankings simply show you how each organization fared statistically at the end of the 2017 minor league season.


‘Wins’ are not factored into the overall rankings, but listed here for point of reference. Also, ‘Wins’ do not reflect the official ‘pitching wins’ stat. Our ‘Wins’ require a minimum number of innings pitcher per appearance to weed out relievers.

The ‘Top100’ column lists the number of pitchers in each organization that appeared in our Top 100 overall pitching performances for 2017. (stay tuned!)

For prospects that changed organization mid-season, all of their 2017 stats count for the organization that he finished the season with. (For example, Franklin Perez’s 2017 stats all appear in the Detroit column even though he moved to the Tigers organization following the Verlander trade).

Anyway, enough talk. Here are the ranks:

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