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Trent Grisham
Trent Clark

Trent Grisham (Formerly – Trent Clark) – Left Handed Hitter, Brewers

Grisham was selected 15th overall by the Brewers as Trent Clark during the 2015 draft. He changed his named to Grisham to honor his mother, who raised him, this past November. Trent hails from North Richland Hills, TX (Dallas suburb) and knew he would be a professional baseball player from the time he was 3 years old. A gifted athlete, Grisham grades out 50-55 in all 3 offensive tools (hit, power, run). During his debut after the 2015 draft, he posted an .854 OPS over 207 at-bats in the AZL and PIO leagues to go with 25 stolen bases, 14 extra base hits, a 18.8% walk rate and a 21.2% K-rate. These numbers were fueled by an outrageously high groundball rate that took advantage of his speed. However, performances in debuts should be taken with a grain of salt and his surface numbers were misleadingly good when you dig into the batted ball profile. 2016 was a double hamstring shortened season that saw the walk and k-rates regress slightly but also an improvement in LD% and FB%.

Statistically, 2017 was a very interesting season for Grisham on a stacked High-A Carolina squad and it set the stage for a potential breakout in 2018 at AA-Biloxi. The batting average was low at .223, however, he posted a .360 obp, aided by 98 walks in 457 at bats for a BB% of…21.4%!!! If there is one thing that Grisham has shown consistently over his 2.5-year minor league career, it is that he is the Minor Leagues’ Sultan of Walk. On the other end of the equation, the K-rate spiked up to 30% and the BABIP dropped to .299. Mild improvement in performance against lefties, K-rate and BABIP (aided by his all fields approach) could yield a batting average in the .260-.290 range, which would put his obp into elite territory. 35 extra base hits (8 homers) proves that the above average raw power is there and so do 2 of his 8 homers (1 big oppo taco and 1 low/outside wrist flick pull job). Additionally, his 2017 Green Bean (GB%/LD%+FB%) sat at .62 in 2017, which means there is the potential for him to show more in-game power in 2018 since he is keeping the ball off the ground at a high rate. Add in 37 stolen bases while only getting caught 5 times and the package here is pretty big for dynasty roto owners. Think Rougned Odor + plate discipline potential here. This is a prospect that is probably being slept on so go grab him on the wire or snipe him from your league mate on the cheap (like his teammate, Lucas Erceg, he does not wear batting gloves which means he is a baaaaaad man).

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