Aaron Slegers

IJR’s game notes (4/28):

AAA – Twins

There is something maddening about seeing a kid with so much physical size, and yet not possessing an 80 fastball. I’m sure both unfair and unwarranted. Slegers is long (6’10”) and athletic, with a smooth, repeatable delivery and nice arm sequencing. He throws right over the top, getting a good downward plane on the fastball. He is very much in control of his body, throwing effortlessly and on target.

Unfortunately, the only plus grade he might have is control. He doesn’t have the trunk rotation or arm speed (Severino, Reynaldo Lopez) to generate more than a 50 fastball. Outside of rookie ball, he has never struck out more than 7 per 9. He looks like he could serve as a 4/5 SP, with the size and mechanics to chew up innings, but not necessarily the stuff to keep major league bats off the ball.

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