The Harvest Weekly Standings

Greetings fellow Farmers! If you are unfamiliar with The Harvest, Baseball Farms first ever draft and hold roto fantasy league for prospects, you can find more detailed information on the rules and draft results here. This page will serve as a continually updated look into the standings of The Harvest season.

Note: This graphic will be updated on a weekly basis every Monday morning. 

Scoring Format:

Draft and hold, roto scoring in the following categories:

Hitters: OBP, R, RBI, SB, HR, Levels Gained, Final Position on BaseballFarm Top-100 headed into 2019

Pitchers: Wins, ERA, WHIP, K/9, SV, Levels gained, Final Position on BaseballFarm Top-100 headed into 2019

Levels gained: Total net levels gained for each prospect on the team which will work like a roto counting category. If a player breaks camp with the big league team, that counts as +1 level. If a player makes the MLB, he gets credit for his MLB stats in addition to his MiLB stats.

Final Position on Baseball Farm Top-100: Based on our aggregated ‘Plum Prospects’ rankings heading into 2019, you will get points for each individual prospect you have ranked, based on the tier he’s ranked in:

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