2018 Farmhand Crop: Jeremiah Jackson

Jeremiah Jackson

Jeremiah Jackson – Bottom Line




Listed at 6’0”, 165 lbs. Seems about right. Has projection left. Wiry athlete, seems very quick and agile on the field.

Hit (25/55)

Right-handed bat. Stance is slightly closed, bat rests on shoulder, hits out of a crouch. Hand pump times up with leg kick, hands dropping below shoulders prior to swing. Hands are not quiet, but there are times when he settles down and the hands settle down as well, leaving the swing looking really nice. Swing gets long on him at times. Bat speed looks at least average. Inconsistent at putting barrel on the ball in clips that I’ve watched, but he also started wearing glasses this season, so that could change things for him (clips were from 2017 UA All-American game).

Power (30/55)

If he barrels one up, he’s going to hit it out. Aggressive stride helps him produce torque. Can punish mistakes. Might even grow into some oppo pop as he matures.

Speed (55/55)

Fires out of the batter’s box quickly. Long-strides. Has good instincts on the basepaths, went 21-for-23 in SB attempts as a prep last year. Perfect Game USA clocked him a 6.87 in the 60., equates as average to fringe plus speed.

Defense (50/55)

Really athletic, smooth and loose in the field, looks like he has good instincts at SS. Arm looks at least average, probably good enough to stick at SS long-term. Matt Swanson, Angels director of amateur scouting, thinks that he will stick at SS as well.



Angels have moved him from the AZL to the Rookie level Pioneer League. It’s a great step for this kid who was just playing high school ball in Mobile, AL 3 months ago.


I’ve only got small samples to work with here, so bare with me. 21 games (91 PA) in the AZL and Jeremiah put up a 27.5% K-rate and 7.7% BB-rate. Not overly shocking. He might just take some time to adjust to professional pitching. He hit .317 but a .396 BABIP really helped that along. Have to hope for progress with the swing and miss in his game. There’s just a big variance on where his hit tool could wind up.


Again a small sample, but he posted a .280 ISO in the AZL, popping 5 HR and 4 2B in 91 PAs. Did well hitting the ball in the air (41.1% GB-rate). Plus he’s only 18 years old, so the power should continue to develop. He’s at least got some pull-side power that you can dream on at this stage in his career.


Went 6-for-7 in SBs in the AZL, posting an excellent 7.7 speed score. He’s fast enough to steal bases, but it really looks like he’s got a good IQ on the basepaths, which will lead him to take advantage of opportunities. He’s might not ever steal tons of bags, but he’s an efficient base-stealer that should get the green light.

All stats current as of August 10th.

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