2018 Farmhand Crop: Ryan Jeffers

Ryan Jeffers

Ryan Jeffers – Bottom Line




Listed at 6’4″, 228 lbs. Built like a tank with a thick lower half. I’d guess at least 235. Thick forearms. He’s probably going to have to work to keep weight off his frame as he gets older. He already looks like he’s put on a decent amount of weight when compared to his high school tape.

Hit (30/50)

Very good bat speed. Keeps his swing short and barrel explodes at the ball. Looks relaxed and easy at the plate. There isn’t a ton of tape on him, but I like what I’ve seen (enough to bump his future FV up from Fangraphs). Fangraphs McDaniel has picked up inconsistent weight transfer when seeing him live.

Power (35/60)

Strong, quick, short stroke with great follow through. Has opposite field power already.

Speed (40/40)

Fangraphs gives him a 40/40 speed grade, which seems generous. If he’s 40 present speed now, I’d be shocked if he stays that way as he matures. But he’s a Catcher, who cares. You’re not drafting him for SBs.

Defense (50/50)

Haven’t seen any tape of him behind the plate, but he is reputed to have a plus arm. He’s played at catcher in all 18 games he’s played in this season, so it’s clear that the organization views him as a catcher. As of now, I’m comfortable projecting with an above-average chance to stick at catcher, which helps his fantasy value.



Twins have already pushed Jeffers up to A-Full Season ball with the Cedar Rapids Kernels. The team is openly talking about him as their catcher of the future. It looks like they aren’t afraid to push him up the ladder aggressively at this point. This is especially good because he’s a catcher, and catchers generally take longer to develop.


12.9% K-Rate, 14.5% BB-rate. Yes you are reading that right, Jeffers has walked more than he’s struck out thus far in his professional career. Out of control .482 BABIP led to his ridiculous .422 Rookie ball batting average. I like his batted ball profile at A-Full so far: 36.6% GB, 19.5% LD, 43.9% FB. I want him keeping the ball off the ground, which he is doing well so far. He hit over .300 with an OBP over .400 every year in college.


.157 ISO in Rookie ball, .327 ISO in A-Full Season. Slugging .653 currently in the Midwest League. Slugged over .600 every year in college, slugged .635 his Senior year. The guy is going to hit for power. Did not hit for much power using wood bats in the NECBL in 2017, so that’s something to monitor.


Negligible, but this is not why you are drafting him.

All stats current as of August 9th.

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