2018 Farmhand Crop: Nick Madrigal

Nick Madrigal

Nick Madrigal – Bottom Line



Listed at 5’7”, 165 lbs. Honestly, 5’7” might be a stretch. He’s well proportioned for a small guy, has some athletic muscle on his frame. Smart, tough, instinctive baseball player. Missed time with a wrist fracture in Spring of 2018, but bounced back without an issue.

Hit (50/70)

Right-handed bat. Strike zone presents a small target. Hand-eye coordination is off the charts. Hands are extremely fast, swing is short and quick. Uses a high, aggressive leg-kick to time up pitches. Will work with the pitch and take it the other direction. Frequently drives the ball the other way. Excellent at battling when down in the count, not afraid to work counts deep. Seems like a prototypical leadoff hitter profile.

Power (30/45)

Given his size, he’s only going to do so much in the power department. He’s never going to be an opposite field power threat. However, the hands are fast and strong, and he loads up on his back leg pre-swing to maximize his forward weight transfer. Can generate torque, swing naturally has some loft. Will have some pull-side pop, and Sox Park is friendly to RH power. His swing is just pretty to watch, could tap into some more power as he matures.

Speed (70/70)

Really quick out of the box, burning down the line with 2B on his mind on anything past the infield. Speed puts pressure on the defense with anything hit in the infield. Smart on the basepaths, always looking to take an extra base. Was timed as an 80-grade runner in 2017 by 2080 Baseball’s Ted Lekas

Defense (55/60)

Has the range, quickness, and glove to play SS at the MLB level. Excellent fundamentals. Arm is just average, and might necessitate a move to 2B in the bigs. Will need to push Anderson or Moncada out of their regular spot to get regular playing time.



He’s already reached A+ ball in the Carolina League, burning quickly through Rookie ball (5 games) and A-Full Season (12 games). Late 2019 ETA isn’t out of the question, but I think the White Sox might put him back at A+ Winston-Salem to start the season next year, and they generally like a player to stick with a team for at least a half-season at a level, especially if the team is winning.


He didn’t strike out in his first 72 professional plate appearances. Sees everything, swings at everything, makes tons of contact, so he won’t walk much. In his Junior year at Oregon State, he walked 8% of the time while striking out just 3.5% of the time. He might not always walk more than he strikes out, but I’m betting that his K:BB ratio will be awfully close to 1.0 his entire career. He’s at least a .300 hitter all day, every day.


He hasn’t hit for any power professionally yet. Slugged .511 in his Junior year at Oregon State, hitting 3 HR and 9 2B. Might have the swing to tap into some pull-side power, but the numbers aren’t seeing it so far in his career.


Only 3-for-7 in steals so far professionally, and he’s also surprisingly grounded into 3 double plays. Posted an average speed score of 4.9 in 12 A-Full Season games. Was an efficient base stealer in college (15-for-16 Junior season) if not a prolific one.

All stats current as of August 9th.

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