2018 Farmhand Crop: Seth Beer

Seth Beer

Seth Beer – Bottom Line



Listed at 6’3″, 195 lbs. Looks closer to 220 lbs. to me. No projection left here. He’s slow, but he doesn’t look unathletic or uncoordinated. He’s got big boxy shoulders and strong legs.

Hit (35/50)

Left-handed bat. Hits with the confident, wide stance of a power hitter. Starts with hands up above ears, standing relatively upright. Hands then drop down below his shoulder to initiate the swing, body moves into a crouch. Takes a short step with his right foot and plants it firmly, closing his front shoulder. Then, opens hips in time with his swing. Looks like he’s hunting for mistakes to pull out of the park. Uppercut swing that’s prone to getting under pitches and popping them up. There’s some pre-swing movement that good pitching will be able to exploit. Great batting eye, excellent power and patience profile, will be more valuable in OBP leagues than AVG leagues. Some outlets (including 2080 Baseball), question his bat speed. Looks average to my (admittedly untrained) eye.

Power (40/65)

Left-handed hitter with ‘no doubt’ pull side power. Hit several bombs in college where his opponents didn’t even move to track the ball. Does a nice job timing swing with an explosive opening of his hips. As strong as his upper body is, he generates his power with his hips and legs. Strong enough for oppo pop, not sure if his plate approach will lead to it.

Speed (20/20)

He’s slow. Really slow out of the box. Speed will likely limit him to a 1B/DH role with next to no SBs.

Defense (40/45)

Again, he’s slow. Probably capable of playing passable defense at 1B, but that’s it. His range will always be poor. Did play some OF in college, and his arm looked strong. He’s started 21 games in LF, 14 games at 1B, and 10 games in RF so far in pro ball.



He’s already blazed through 3 levels to A-Advanced ball this season. In the A-Advanced Carolina League he’s actually going to be younger than the competition he’s facing, which should be a nice test of his skills for the remainder of 2018. The speed with which Houston has pushed him in his first pro season is really promising.


Focusing on A-Full Season ball (129 PAs), Beer posted a 11.4% BB-rate and a 12.9% K-rate. This is elite for a power hitter in my book. In college, Beer walked more than he struck out every year. His senior year, he posted a 18.2% BB-rate against a 12.2% K-rate. He might run into a level of competition where his swing gets totally exposed (21.6% K-rate in 37 PAs at A-Advanced), but it hasn’t happened yet. It makes me wonder whether the scouting concern over his hit tool is ultimately unfounded. He’s going to be a low BABIP guy because of his speed.


Focusing on A-Full Season again, he posted a .143 ISO, hitting 3 HR and 7 2B. In college, Beer hit 22 HR his Senior year, good for a .341 ISO. Wood bats have been a question mark for Beer back to his time in college (only slugged .304 in 19 games for the US Collegiate National Team in 2017). In the Sally League, Beer’s relatively limited power was in part caused by his 8.3% HR/FB rate. That should climb, and his power numbers should come along for the ride.


He’s slow. Might pop up and steal a base once or twice a season. Not why you are drafting him.

All stats current as of August 11th.

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