2018 Farmhand Crop: Parker Meadows

Parker Meadows

Parker Meadows – Bottom Line



Listed at 6’5″, 185 lbs. I’d guess he’s closer to 200 lbs. Scouts feel he can add plenty of muscle to his frame. He’s a little awkward running in the field, not light on his feet. If he adds any more weight it’s definitely going to eat into his speed.

Hit (25/45)

Left-handed bat. Wide stance, keeps weight back ahead of swing. Waits for the ball to get to him. Hands drop when loading swing, creating a looping motion. Bat speed is at least average. I’d call it fringe-plus even, which is impressive for a guy as tall as he is. Very consistent swing mechanics. Swing doesn’t appear to get too long. Seems to have a good understanding of the strike zone, which is important, as his strike zone is huge.

Power (25/60)

Upper-cut swing path. Good extension. Pull-side approach. Has a tendency to swing under the ball, causing plenty of pop-ups. Hips explode toward the ball despite the uppercut swing. Upper body strength isn’t incredible, but his power is generated with his hips, which is a good thing.

Speed (55/55)

Long strides. He’s not graceful at all on the basepaths, but surprisingly fast given his size. Fangraphs has him as a 70/65 runner, which seems absurd. Did run a 6.5 60 yard dash in HS, which is 70-grade speed.

Defense (45/55)

Not quick on his feet. Arm strength looks to be average, accuracy is excellent. He can probably handle a RF assignment in the bigs. Scouting reports have him as a ‘natural’ CF but I don’t totally see it. I can see him sticking in RF though, the arm is good enough.



He’s played 18 games for the Rookie-level GCL Tigers this season. This is a fine placement for a kid just coming out of high school. I’d anticipate he starts 2019 in the A-Full Season Midwest League.


Be wary of the small sample size (67 PAs). Meadows Rookie ball BB-rate is 9.0%, K-rate is 28.4%. Not surprised to see that his swing and larger frame is getting exposed a bit. I like the 9.0% K-rate, I think it supports the understanding of the strike zone that he displayed on tape. GB (35.9%), LD (20.5%), FB (43.6%) profile is sound, and what I’d expect with his swing plane. Despite his surprising speed, I don’t want to see his GB% creep up. This is a good batted-ball profile for Meadows. Batting average .293, but his .371 BABIP is helping prop that up.


.241 ISO in 67 PAs with 4 HR and 2 2B. I’m the most encouraged by this part of his game so far. I really think Meadows’s MLB calling card is going to be his power hitting, with a dash of running and defense thrown into the mix. The HR/FB rate of 23.5% is bound to come back to earth some, but he should still post an ISO over .200.


3-for-4 in SB attempts thus far. He’s posted a 5.7 speed score thus far. I really don’t think he’s a 70-grade runner. But, I do think he’s got enough speed to be a fantasy asset in this department as well, making Meadows a true potential 5 (or 6) category contributor for your fantasy squad.

All stats current as of August 14th.

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