2018 Farmhand Crop: Jarred Kelenic

Jarred Kelenic

Jarred Kelenic – Bottom Line



Listed 6’1″, 196. Strong biceps, strong forearms, strong hands, strong legs. He’s a really well-built athlete for just being 19 years-old. Minimal projection remaining. Light on his feet.

Hit (30/60)

Left-handed bat. Wide stance, hands begin high up by his ears. Minimal pre-swing wiggle or movement. Hands drop quietly in preparation to hit. Swing is mechanically simple, short, clean, with good extension and follow-through. Line-drive swing plane. Really nice looking swing. Will hit to all fields. Widely considered by scouts as one of the best pure hitters in the draft.

Power (25/50)

Pull-side power approach. Upper body, wrist, and hand strength strong enough for some good pop in his prime. Not seeing any oppo power from him at this point, but that could develop as he matures. Scouts are divided on whether he ever hits for plus power. I think I can safely project him for average power at this point, which, combined with his hit tool, should give him plenty of fantasy value.

Speed (55/55)

Maybe fringe-plus speed. Gets out of the batter’s box well. I’ve seen 60-yard dash times in the 6.6s for him, which is 60-65 grade speed.

Defense (50/55)

Pretty smooth in the field, plus arm strength (was a pitcher in HS), arm accuracy could use some work. Fast enough to cover CF in the bigs. He can probably play all 3 OF spots. He’s only played CF so far in his pro debut.



The Mets started Kelenic in the GCL, but after 12 games he showed that he was too advanced for the lowest Rookie level, and the Mets promoted him to Kingsport of the Appy League. Kelenic is being challenged in the Appy League (86 wRC+), especially with breaking stuff.


19% K-rate, 12.2% BB-rate in 147 Appy League PAs.  Really like the plate discipline on display, I think it confirms scouting reports of his plus-approach at the dish. 43.6% GB, 23.4% LD, 33.0% FB. No complaints there either, and the amount of line drives he’s hitting makes sense with his swing plane. He’s only batting .213 so far in the Appy, but a .250 BABIP is killing him right now. Patience.


.165 ISO in 147 Appy League PAs with 3 HR and 6 2B. Honestly, he’s even displaying a little more pop than I thought he was going to at this stage. His power tool will take the longest to develop. Right now, count on him for average power in the bigs. If he develops more than that, then you have a real gem.


7-for-8 in SB attempts with 3 3Bs as well. Spd score of 8.7 is elite. I think some of this is just the fact that Kelenic, an intelligent player, is taking advantage of running opportunities against the inexperienced batterymen of Rookie ball. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelenic’s fringe-plus speed just always plays up.

All stats current as of August 14th.

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