2018 Farmhand Crop: Jonathan India

Jonathan India

Jonathan India – Bottom Line



Listed 6’1″, 200 lbs. A well-built athlete who looks like he has a really strong lower half. No projection left.

Hit (35/55)

Right-handed bat. Athletic swing, hands are quiet pre-swing. Looks like plus bat speed to me. MLB-level bat speed. Relatively high kick which he uses to time up the pitch, stamping it down to start his swing. Very aggressive approach at the plate, but he could sit back and wait if he wanted to because the hand speed is there. Scouts rave about the changes he made to his batting approach in his Junior season.

Power (30/55)

He’s got a little loft to his swing, but nothing too extreme. Will generate power with his lower half, using strong legs and exploding hips toward the ball. Also does a good job closing front shoulder to pitcher, generating torque by opening up quickly and letting his plus bat speed groove the ball. Showed opposite field power in college. Power has grown each year.

Speed (50/55)

I haven’t seen any tape of him running, but scouting reports seem to have his speed and running instincts as average. He’s getting results on the basepaths, so I have no reason to ding his speed.

Defense (50/55)

Athleticism, instincts, and arm strength all at least average to fringe-plus. Reds are using India some at shortstop. Worked with Barry Larkin early in the season. 21 starts at 3B, 7 at SS. I can see him developing into a utility role with Cincinnati in the future, which should be good for his PT and fantasy value.



Pushed up 3 levels already in his pro debut. Currently playing for Dayton in the A-Full Season Midwest League. Has hit a wall in the Midwest League (90 wRC+), so I’d anticipate this would be his starting level in 2019. I’m encouraged that the Reds are willing to push him up so quickly.


22.2% K-rate, 17.1% BB-rate across all minor league levels this season. 20.0% BB-rate and 18.7% K-rate in college his Junior year. A little more swing-and-miss than you’d like maybe, but he more than balances it out with the ability to take a walk. Also looks like he will produce LD rates over 20%, which I love. .284 BABIP is weighing down his numbers some, keep that in mind when reviewing his stats.


.186 ISO with 4 HR and 4 2B in 29 MiLB games. .367 ISO with 21 HR his Junior year at Flordia. Hit well for a decent amount of power with wood bats in 2 Cape Cod League stints during college (.290/.405/.403 in 2016, .273/.390/.394 in 2017). Future power upside is probably fringe plus.


2-for-3 in SB attempts in pro ball so far. Went 15-for-18 as a Junior. Not a terror on the basepaths, but definitely enough speed and baserunning instincts to be an SB contributor for your squad.

All stats current as of August 15th.

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