2018 Farmhand Crop: Alek Thomas

Alek Thomas

Alek Thomas – Bottom Line



Listed at 5’11”, 175 lbs. A really solid, hard-working athlete. Probably has some projection remaining, I would not be surprised to see him continue to add muscle during his career (dad is director of conditioning for the White Sox). Strong base with his lower half. Was an excellent football player as well, recruited to be 2-sport athlete at TCU.

Hit (25/55)

Left-handed bat. Swing is loose, but he looks twitchy at the plate. It’s almost like he needs to learn how to calm down his excitement anticipating the pitch coming in. Open stance, a little upright, leg kick is there to initiate the swing not time the pitch. Hands almost double-clutch preparing to swing. Hand-eye coordination is excellent. Bat speed is fringe plus.

Power (20/40)

Clears hips through his swing really well. Bat speed is great. Legs give him a good base to generate some pull-side power with. I would not put it past him to develop more pop as he matures.

Speed (60/60)

Speed looks plus on tape. Easy speed on the basepaths and he has an extra gear when he needs it. Fires out of the box, he will stretch some infield outs into hits. 2080 Baseball clocked his home to first at 4.09, which is 60-grade speed.

Defense (45/55)

Very easy in the field, quick to the ball. Looks really polished for a HS player. Should have the range to stick in CF, which is good because he might not have the arm strength for RF.



D’backs moved Thomas up to the Rookie level Pioneer League after 28 games in the AZL. This is an aggressive placement for a kid who was just playing HS baseball a couple months ago. Could start in A-Full Season baseball next year, he has the makeup to handle it.


13.0% K-rate, 10.3% BB-rate in 165 Rookie level ABs so far this season. He’s shown an excellent approach at the plate for a teenager. He’s posted GB rates over 50% so far, which isn’t ideal for power development. However, with his speed and quick break out of the batter’s box, the GB rate isn’t going to kill him. BABIP of .388 is giving him some helium, but he could be a player who maintains a high BABIP given his bat speed and running speed.


.134 ISO, 2 HR, 6 2B in 165 Rookie level ABs. GB% will be a drag on his power output going forward. He’s not going to be a big league power hitter, but he can probably hit for just enough pop to be really interesting.


9-for-11 in SB attempts so far in pro ball. Speed score of 5.2 in the Pioneer League so far. Has hit 5 3Bs. The speed is on display, and Thomas is a smart player so he can take advantage of it. If he doesn’t lose a step along his development, he’s going to have big league speed.

All stats current as of August 16th.

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