2018 Farmhand Crop: Grant Lavigne

Grant Lavigne

Grant Lavigne – Bottom Line



Listed at 6’4″, 220 lbs. Seems about right. Little to no projection left. Strong lower half, big strong forearms. Could be a ‘helium’ prospect who climbs lists quickly, especially if he hits a ton of HR next season.

Hit (30/55)

Hands are quiet at setup. Sets up a bit upright, strike zone is big. Weight is balanced. Bat speed looks to be fringe plus. Slight uppercut plane to his swing but not too much. Swing can get a little long, maybe just because of how he sets up his hands. In general, his swing is simple (in a good way). Repeats swing mechanics really well.

Power (35/65)

Long stride into swing path generates plenty of power on its own. Combined with his natural upper body and forearm strength, this guy has 70-grade raw power. Pretty easy pull-side power when he barrels one up. He should have opposite field pop as well just due to his overall strength.

Speed (35/35)

He looks pretty quick for his size. I doubt this translates to him stealing bases very often, but he could surprise us with one every once in a while.

Defense (45/45)

Looks very capable of playing 1B. Footwork is surprisingly good for a big guy. Played some OF in high school, but has appeared at 1B in all 40 games of his professional career so far. The arm is reportedly not good (I haven’t seen it in action though).



Playing for Grand Junction in the Rookie level Pioneer League. A fine placement for a kid who was just playing high school ball in New Hampshire this spring. I’d imagine A-Full Season Asheville would be his next stop to start 2019.


17.1% K-rate, 15.5% BB-rate in 158 Pioneer league ABs. He’s hitting a lot of ground balls (52.5%), which kind of comes as a surprise to me given his swing path. His .361 batting average looks great, but don’t go losing your mind over it yet as his BABIP is .425. He’s made more contact to the opposite field (37.3%) than anywhere else.


.215 ISO, 6 HR, 12 2B. Good power numbers despite his propensity to hit the ball on the ground so far. If his swing plane changes a bit and he hits more flyballs, the power numbers should climb as well. Also, remember that apart from Coors Field, Colorado has hitter-friendly parks in the A-Advanced California League (Lancaster Launchpad) and AAA (Albuquerque). He could hit a ton of HRs.


9-for-16 in SB attempts. I actually had to double check these numbers, I couldn’t believe that he was running this much. He’s also hit 2 3Bs. I don’t think the speed is anything more than a Pioneer League aberration, but keep an eye on it because if he can run just a little bit, it makes him that much more valuable.

Stats current as of August 17th.

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