2018 FARMHAND CROP: Nolan Gorman

Nolan Gorman

Nolan Gorman – Bottom Line



Listed at 6’1″, 210 lbs. Lower half is thick. Marginal projection left on him, but he’s only 18 so there might be room for some more muscle.

Hit (30/55)

Left-handed swing. Legs a little wider than shoulders. Hands very relaxed pre-swing. High leg kick. Hands are very fast. I’d say double-plus bat speed. Probably the most bat speed of anyone I’ve reviewed in the 2018 draft class thus far. He’s starting his hands higher (closer to shoulder) than where they were at last year. I think the bat speed is really going to cover up mistakes. Outer half might be the issue given his approach.

Power (30/65)

Hips clear quickly. Bat speed very fast. Pull-side power approach. Will hit bombs from CF to down the line in RF. Opposite field power will come along for the ride if he changes the approach some. The bat speed and the hand and wrist strength should lead to plus power when all is said and done.

Speed (40/40)

Not very fast. Scouts have clocked him at ‘average’ speed down the line. Might sneak in the odd SB, but he’s not going to be a burner.

Defense (40/50)

Questions about his ability to stick at 3B made him drop to the Cardinals at #19. However, John Eshelman at 2080 Baseball got some good looks at Gorman this summer and thinks he will be at least an average defender at 3B.



Just turned 18 in May, but Gorman has already been moved from the Rookie level Appy League to A-Full Season baseball in the Midwest League. This is basically as aggressive as St. Louis could be with him. He’s the youngest player in the Midwest League (last I checked).


24.1% K-rate, 13.6% BB-rate across both levels. Hitting a ton of fly-balls (48% in Rookie ball, 50% in A-Full Season). Both the K-rate and flyballs will be a real drag on batting average. He’s got the tools to figure this stuff out, and he’s still young, but both the contact rate and the batted-ball profile need to be monitored.


.285 ISO, 12 HR, 11 2B across both levels in 2018. Did most of his power hitting damage (11 HR) in the Rookie-level Appy League where, despite his age, he was just too good for the competition that he was playing against. He’s got a lot of power in that swing.


1-for-5 in SB attempts, 1 3B, Speed score was 4.9 in Rookie ball. He’s not very fast, he’s not going to steal many bags. It does look like the Cardinals are encouraging him to run, but anything he adds in the speed department is just a little bonus.


John Eshelman’s full scouting report for 2080 Baseball.

John Calvagno’s full scouting report for Notes from the Sally.

Stats current as of August 17th.

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