2018 FARMHAND CROP: Brady Singer

Brady Singer

Brady Singer – Bottom Line



Listed at 6’5″, 210 lbs., right-hander. Very competitive makeup. Strong frame. Strange windup, strange delivery, I don’t like either of them. However, it gives him some deception. Looked tired by the end of the season (elimination game against Arkansas in CWS, FB down to 89 mph by the 5th inning, left everything up in the zone).

Fastball (50/60) – Sits 92-94 mph, Touches 95 mph

2-seamer with plus movement. Movement is both vertical and horizontal, with both horizontal arm-side run and sink. Uses it well inside to both LH and RH hitters. He can really jam it in on the hands of RH batters. Starts it inside on LH so it tails back over the plate. Has a hard time keeping it down in the zone, which takes some of the fun out of the 2-seamer. The fastball is going to generate plenty of swings-and-misses on its own.

Slider (40/55) – 79-82 mph

Calling it a slider, as that’s what the Pitching Ninja calls it. It a pretty slurvy breaking ball with more vertical drop than horizontal movement. It’s his primary secondary offering, uses it as an out-pitch after setting things up with the 2-seamer. When he buries it, it’s very effective. When he hangs it, it’s asking to be sent to the bleachers.

Change-up (40/50)

I’ve seen it described as a circle-change. Doesn’t throw it a ton, but it has nice fade away from LH batters. Almost has a similar shape to his 2-seam fastball (a good thing). Didn’t see him throw it in game action in the 2018 film I watched.

Command (40/50)

Work in progress. The delivery is all arms flailing around. Makes it tough to repeat mechanics. Consequently, he can be all over the place. And while that 2-seamer has some nice movement, if he leaves it over the middle of the plate and up in the zone, it’s going to get hit hard. Relies on the fastball a lot at this point in his development. Tries to pound the zone, not afraid to pitch to contact.



Royals have shelved him for the season after he pitched 113.0 innings for Florida in 2018 (Jr. year) and 126.0 innings in 2017 (Soph. year).


9.21 K/9 in his Jr. year at Florida. The strikeout stuff is there. Generates swing and miss from both the 2-seam fastball and the slider.


Improved his command every year at Florida (3.50 BB/9 -> 2.29 BB/9 -> 1.75 BB/9). Posted an excellent 5.18 K-BB rate as the staff ace at Florida his Junior year. 2.55 ERA and 0.94 WHIP in 17 starts his junior year.

Stats current as of August 22nd

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