2018 FARMHAND CROP: Logan Gilbert

Logan Gilbert

Logan Gilbert – Bottom Line



Listed at 6’6″, 225 lbs. Right-hander. Pitchers frame, long-legged with a thicker lower half.

Fastball (45/55) – Sits 92-94, Touches 97

FB seems heavy, shows some arm side run. Not afraid to work the FB up the ladder. Fastball velocity was down this spring compared to his 2017 Cape Cod League performance where he touched 97. When velocity and movement are both working the fastball is a strikeout pitch for him.

Curveball (45/55) – 73-79 mph

Slurvy shape which he can bury as an out pitch. Might be his best secondary offering right now. Some outlets report he throws a slider as well, but I’ve seen the same style breaking pitch thrown at a variety of speeds. Can throw it early in the count to get ahead of hitters.

Changeup (40/55) – 81-85 mph

I haven’t seen the changeup on tape. Some scouts call it his best offering, but he doesn’t throw it much, suggesting he doesn’t have much feel for it.

Command (45/55)

Has a good feel for finding the strike zone right now. He’s a good strike-thrower. Doesn’t take a lot of effort, mechanics look pretty clean and repeatable.



Hasn’t pitched professionally after a heavy workload for Stetson this spring (112.0 IPs). Mariners are probably wise to take an easy approach with him, given the fact that his fastball velocity was down this year. Look for him to start 2019 in the A-Short Season Northwest League.


Posted an outstanding 13.1 K/9 rate in 112.0 innings for Stetson this year. 8.9 K/9 rate against strong competition in the Cape Cod League in the summer of 2017.


Command was an issue his freshman year (4.9 BB/9) but he’s really reigned in the walks, posting an excellent 2.0 BB/9 rate this past season. K/BB ratio improved to 6.5 as he just dominated hitters in the Atlantic Sun conference.

Stats current as of August 30th.

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