2018 FARMHAND CROP: Jackson Kowar

Jackson Kowar

Jackson Kowar – Bottom Line



Listed at 6’5″, 180 lbs. Right-hander. Quick side-step delivery similar to U of F teammate Brady Singer. Looks like a good athlete on the mound. Legs are skinny. Could still fill out his frame.

Fastball (55/60) – Sits 93-95 mph, Touches 98 mph

FB has both sink and arm-side movement, with more arm-side movement than vertical drop. Climbs the ladder with at as well. Has a ton of bite at times. Sets up the changeup really well.

Changeup (55/65) – 83-86 mph

Most scouts describe this as a plus offering already. Sits about 10 mph off the FB. Has vertical drop and fade, and he can use it to get ahead of hitters. Mimics the action of this FB. Will get swings and misses. He can leave it hittable over the heart of the plate at times. A weapon.

Curveball (40/50) – 75-79 mph

Looping 12-6 action. Can throw it for strikes, but he doesn’t throw it to get ahead in the count. Doesn’t have the command or confidence in the curve that he has in the changeup.


Command (40/50)

Fastball-heavy approach, but he struggles with control of the FB at times. Not always able to throw it for strikes. Gives up a lot of flyballs. Uses the FB to set up the change. Curve is a throw-in at this point, but if he develops it into another weapon he has a starter’s arsenal.



KC aggressively placed Kowar in the A-Full Season Sally League despite the fact that he threw 112.0 college innings this season. Kowar could be a quick climber.


9.21 K/9 in NCAA this year, 7.52 K/9 so far in professional ball. With the fastball-changeup combo, I’m surprised these numbers aren’t a tick higher. I think it speaks to his command at present more than anything else.


2.67 K/BB ratio in NCAA, 1.83 K/BB in professional ball. A 4.10 BB/9 rate so far in A-Full Season ball is not encouraging and will need to be addressed for Kowar to succeed moving forward.

Stats current as of August 31st

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