First Year Player Draft Guide: Introduction

Cover image courtesy of Clinton Cole

Welcome to Baseball Farm’s 2019 edition of the First Year Player Draft guide! The goal is to provide you with strategy articles, rankings, and player capsules on players who were either drafted in the 2018 MLB Rule 4 (college) draft or signed during the 2018 international J2 signing period. These players typically constitute the player pool for new player drafts in existing dynasty and keeper leagues, which are often referred to as “first year player” drafts or “supplemental” drafts.

If you want to jump right into the rankings and player capsules, here are this year’s hitters and pitchers. If you prefer working in a spreadsheet, here’s my google doc with all of the player capsules and lists.

We’ve also compiled some strategy articles from our Baseball Farm crew and a few friends.

2 thoughts on “First Year Player Draft Guide: Introduction

  1. I saw the reference to these rankings on your Twitter feed and came to the website to check it out. Awesome! This is such a smarter approach than a 1-200 ranking. It makes perfect sense to separate pitchers and non-pitchers, and then to group them in tiers. I wish the fantasy baseball prospect industry moved in this direction.

    I’ve signed up for your email and bookmarked your website. Can wait to check out all the content here!

    And, now, a little self-promotion. I inherited an awful fantasy team and traded anything and everything to acquire high draft picks in 2018. The results: Gorman, India, Groshans, Edwards, Lavigne, Naylor, Hankins, Lynch, Beer, Jackson, Sandlin, Blaze Alexander and Joe Gray!

  2. Thank you very much Jeff. Appreciate you reading everything.

    That’s an excellent prospect haul. I can see Gorman, India, Groshans, Edwards, Lavigne, Hankins and Lynch all becoming Top-100 prospects this year. Now the big question: Do you hold them all or sell them off again to build a championship squad??

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