2019 Harvest Draft Recap

We bagged some whales this year. Many thanks to all participants and good luck!

Quick Rules Recap courtesy of Ghil Poyette:

“There is a maximum of 66 Harvest Points available to be earned. The general concept is scoring split into: ⅓ based on your team’s roto performance (1-22 points), ⅓ based on your team’s performance in advancing levels (1-22 points), ⅓ based on your team’s performance in a year end aggregated Top-100 prospects list (1-22 points).”

Ghil’s Full Rules/Competitor’s Article

Last year it was straight roto scoring with levels advanced as one of the categories in addition to the standard 5×5 roto categories. I was able to come out on top on the strength of my pitching and speed – 2018 Harvest Standings. Much more weight has been placed on speculative Miss Cleo type prognostication by both increasing the importance of levels gained and adding in final placement in our Plum Prospects (aggregated industry top 100). For reference, when Vlad goes over 150 at bats in 2019, he will not receive any points for being the preseason #1 prospect since he will have graduated from lists. This made the draft much more interesting as many teams took on more risk by drafting very young, potentially short-season prospects that may come up short on some counting stats.

I’d like to preface this article by saying, I know nothing, and therefore, my opinions don’t mean s@!*. This is a fun/honest recap of The Harvest Draft. Nothing is personal, we are all legends in our own minds, let’s keep it that way (Big Gorzey will have no issue here). 

1) Mike Parnell


Pike Marnell, The Albuquerque Isotope himself, got us started with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and then followed it up with 3 more hitters before selecting Shane Baz in the 5th. In this format, I especially like the Nick Madrigal pick in the 4th as he can contribute in each 1/3 pretty substantially. Very shocked by the Victor Victor Mesa pick in the 2nd. This is an aggressive early pick on a polarizing/mysterious player. Assuming he is healthy, I also love the Wander Javier pick in the 6th. He can contribute pretty substantially in each 1/3 but he is coming off a labrum injury/repair courtesy of Dr Jimmy Jack James Andrews. This squad has some major risk/reward in the outfield and he didn’t invest early in much pitching.

Team Parnell Projection: “Big Hitter The Lama, Long” As in long shot for this team to finish higher than the bottom third of the table…“Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know.” And he says, “Oh, uh, there won’t be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.” So Mike has that goin for him, which is nice.

2) Eric Cross

Absolutely love the SP here. Went all in on high risk, stud arms. The concern for this staff will be getting enough innings. Eric got very good value on Hudson “Rusty” Potts in the 7th. He is a great talent that should provide elite returns in this format. Conversely, don’t really understand the Garrett “Mocha” Hampson pick in the 3rd. This is a guy that has graduated to the majors and doesn’t have guaranteed at bats. Major playing time risk here if he wins the job in Spring Training, subsequently slumps, and then becomes a bench player for the Rockies behind Rark Meynolds! Ryan “Chartreuse Goose” McMahon is also lurking. Should get a lot of bombs from Eloy Jimenez and Austin “Little Mo” Riley but don’t see much upside with the Mike Siani and Brock Deatherage picks. Andy Yerzy is a very nice power play catcher.

Team Cross Projection: Solid power projection, mustang arms, questionable speed, and some prospect graduations will likely push this squad to the bottom 1/3 of the table. We shall see. Until then, keep an eye out for Cric Eross on Fantrax coming at you with a hot beef injection of content. 

3) Brenden Gorzelski

Self-proclaimed prospect projector and fantasy deity, Big Gorzey, put together a very nice roster. Pretty much love the hitters. Josh Naylor and Isaac Paredes should put up big numbers in the upper minors, without much risk of making it to the majors and having to go through struggles, Wander Franco and Nolan Gorman are pretty sure-fire contributors in each 1/3, and Antonio Cabello, Shervyn Newton, and Parker Meadows are tooled up wunderkinds capable of putting up gaudy numbers in the lower minors. On the other hand, I’m not a fan of the pitching outside of Matt Manning. Brent Honeywell will be out a couple months, Franklin “Curtis” Perez has pretty significant injury risk, and Josh James has an uncertain role that is likely in the majors (his stuff is filthy so I expect success regardless). Bryan “Osiris” Abreu is the new hot boo thang and is capable of leveling up to Super Saiyan in 2019. Overall, I have concerns about the innings the staff will put together.

Team Gorzelski Projection: Big Gorzey expects his minions to bring him ultimate power and glory commensurate to the expansion of Genghis Khan’s Empire in the 12th Century. A powerhouse lineup will drive potential dominance, however, pitching will hold this legion back from finishing on top. Expect a top 1/3 finish for this formidable unit. 

4. Connor Kurcon

Twitter extraordinaire, Konnor Curcon, put together what appears to be a fantastic roster for this event’s scoring. Great combination of potential fast movers, top 100 prospects and stat sheet stuffers. Obviously, this team is ready to set some K records, even with Tyler Freeman on the roster, but least Ks is not a category here. Kicking it off with Fernando “Boris” Tatis, Joey “Mortimer” Bart and Daniel “Vincent” Lynch was beautiful, especially if the Padres hold Tatis down for most of the season (now unlikely with the Machado signing). Harrison and Ray in the middle rounds bring the power/speed, Granberg/Freeman should beat up the lower levels, and McKenzie/Gilbert should give Connor a bunch of quality innings to go with Lynch (Eastman is another who could beat up the lower minors). Micker Adolfo is a big wildcard, coming off TJ surgery, his talented bat could make this squad a championship challenger.

Team Kurcon Projection: Top 1/3 of the table. Did a great job limiting risk and short-season players.

5) Alex Jensen

Love the pitching staff. Very capable of reaching 500+ innings, gaining levels, and solid top 100 potential. I hadn’t dug in on Taylor “Quincy” Walls at all prior to this draft, but watched some video on him when Alex made the pick, I’m now obsessed and think there is some additional power in that bat (the Rays system is just ridiculous). Julio “Francis” Rodriguez seems like a possible reach, but this kid is a major talent with a great head on his shoulders, if the Mariners push him to full-season ball early, watch out! Offensively, I don’t see a ton of power or speed and this squad will rely on huge seasons from Alex Kiriloff and Grant Lavigne (very possible). Josh Stowers is an interesting 2nd rounder from last June’s draft from U of L and I’m interested to see how he comes out of the gate in April.

Team Jensen Projection: Middle 1/3 of the table. Solid squad, could move into the top 1/3 if I’m selling the offensive potential short.

6) Nick O’Neal

Innings, the man I know as Dastardly Corndogs, should get them and in high quality. I’m not a Kris Bubic fan, but the “crafty” lefty should be able to handle the lower levels. Garret Whitlock is a wild card that I’m interested to see compete in AA (not sure if his stuff will play) and Nate Pearson, Brusdar Graterol, and Jackson Kowar will anchor the staff. I don’t like the lineup. Josh Breaux, Trent Deveaux, Antoni Flores, Jordan Groshans, and Jeremiah Jackson are high beta players with huge variability. Personally not convinced those 5 players can hit. Prove me wrong fellas! I’ve always been a big Jeter Downs guy and LOVE George Valera. We all know Jo “Antonio” Adell is the Greek God of baseball and want to see him crush AA and get to the majors quickly.

Team O’Neal Projection: Bottom 1/3 of the table. I’m on your lawn O’Neal and I won’t get off. Good luck avoiding relegation!

7) Marc Rodriguez

Well rounded squad that can hit with a bleh, meh, eh pitching staff. Absolutely love the OF! Will Tirso “Gerald” Ornelas have the breakout that many of us have expected? Honestly, I’ve cooled on him, but expect massive years from Brandon Marsh and Alek Thomas. Rylan Thomas can swing it and torched the Appy League last year, Royce Lewis is the top prospect in baseball once we see some graduations, and I’m off the Shed Long as a first division regular, but think he will put up good numbers this year. I don’t know much about Freddy Tarnok and Chris Rodriguez is coming off TJ, therefore, Rarc will need some solid innings and quantity from Simeon Woods-Richardson and Matthew Liberatore.

Team Rodriguez Projection: Middle of the table. Little bit to much innings risk for my appetite but this squad has a chance to really do damage with the shillelaghs. 

8) Paul Martin

I’m obsessed with Roe-Roe-Rocchio oh oh and Mauly Partin’s nice set of sweater cows. This is another roster where I really like the bats and don’t love the arms but the innings should be there. Luken Baker and Kody Clemens should tear up the lower levels and push for promotions, the outfield has power and wheels, and if Brayan Rocchio and the DSL is my side piece-Nunez get pushed to full season ball, this squad has major potential. Might end up a little light on the power, but we shall see. Main risk here is Jesus Luzardo and Logan Allen getting shelled in the majors. Nobody seems to believe in Elijah “Monty” Morgan, but I’m interested to see what he can do in the higher levels. Worst pick of the draft was without question Crocodile Dunshee.

Team Martin Projection: Middle of the table.

9) Chris Blessing

Mr. Bhris Clessing was all-in on the bats early with players that should clean up in this format. 1-7 with Bo Bichette, Elehuris Montero, Gavin Lux, Swaggy, Colton Welker, Mariel Bautista, and Everson Pereira were pocket aces with a flop of Ace, Ace, King. Alex Reyes might be a whiff and an unnecessary risk, but I love Hans Crouse. Jacob Heatherly, Jordan Balazovic, and Yefri  Del Rosario are arms I don’t know enough about to have a strong opinion on (but all are potential fast movers). Very interesting team put together by Chris with a wide range of possibilities.

Team Blessing Projection: Middle of the table. Massive potential but the uncertainty surrounding the arms takes a little wind out of the sails. 

10) Lance Brozdowski

Major points to Bance for drafting my favorite prospect and stat sheet stuffer, Kyle “Texas Shrugged” Tucker. I love Lance’s squad and his average pick time of 13 hours and 23 minutes was well worth it. This lineup is all business. The calling card for the Bance Lrozdowskites’ is POWER, a sprinkling of speed, and a staff that has massive boom potential. This is a roto monster that has very nice top 100 potential and solid level gaining abilities. Kudos to Lance.

Team Brozdowski Projection: Championship contender.

“If there was a god, I’d still have both nuts.” -Lance Brozdowski-Armstrong

11) Jason Woodell

This is an interesting squad that is difficult to project. The power variance is wide, the innings mysterious, and all chicken wings are mild to Wason Joodell. Lazarito, Heliot Ramos, and Markamizo Vientos define this squad as young and ready to take daddy hacks with Kevin Millar on Intentional Walk Me With The Bases Loaded in the Bottom of the Ninth With Your Team Up 3 Runs. This team has speed, power, and pitchers that can pile up Ks. I think it’s best for me to not have specific expectations for this club.

Team Woodell Projection: I don’t know, go f*!@ yourself.

12) John Calvagno

Love the Drew Wonder Wrists pick at 1.12, I’m expecting a major breakout from him in 2019 from a power perspective. The Golden Boy should slay the Cal League (John filleted Phil’s heart with this one). I’ll call a 40/20 season, why the hell not! The pitching staff is strong outside of Mike Soroka, who I expect to get smacked around in the majors a bit. Jarren “Roberto” Duran in the 2nd was potentially the reach of the century (along with my 1st round pick of the Phillies’ Luis Garcia), Duran is a player that could have been snagged many rounds later. Outside of Casey Golden and Drew Waters, where is the power!? This is a pretty low ceiling squad.

Team Calvagno Projection: Bottom 1/3 of the table. Might get relegated to Notes From The Baseball-Bundesliga.

13) Mike Gianella

Love: Luis Garcia, Kevin Smith, Francisco Mejia, JPM, Tony Santillan.

Hate: Every pitcher probably sees The Show this year, +5 levels, -10 roto, -major top 100 losses.

Too many players in the majors will sink Gike Mianella’s club.

Team Gianella Projection: Certain relegation to scouting and writing for Baseball Farm.

14) Chris Williamson

Big Gorzey’s few on my squad:

Chris can’t be trusted to give an unbiased write-up of his own squad, so I have been recruited to give my thoughts on his 2019 team. Last year, Chris won the inaugural Harvest but that was only with 10 participants. Now with the 22 participants, including your future champion joining the fold, Chris has a lot to work to do to prove his win last year wasn’t a fluke. Looking over Chris’ squad it just gives off this scent of mediocrity. It’s a volatile squad with players who might not even play full-season ball (Bryce Bush and Luis Garcia) or guys who are hoping to stay healthy (Luis Robert and Michael Grove). Even with my great recommendation to fill out his catcher slot, Ryan Jeffers, I’m not sure that is going to save this team from a mid-table finish at best. Now that I’m done criticizing Chris for the sake of criticizing, I will stand by my volatile comments. This is a team that needs a lot to go right to allow Chris to repeat but something tells me he will do just enough to keep terrorizing Phil Goyette and Chip Bourne this year.

My favorite picks from Chris: Nick Pratto, Freudis Nova, and Adrian Morejon

Questionable picks: Luis Garcia and Gryce Bush, both solid prospects but good chance neither see out of short-season ball which makes them less than ideal in this format (especially Garcia as his 1stround pick).

15) Phil Goyette

Speed aside, this is my favorite lineup. Bravo, Ghil. If only you could draft/auction like this when it actually matters. Puk was the only absolute garbage pick. I’m pretty skeptical on the pitching staff overall but nice try, loser. But seriously, solid job.

“You got a skinny little runt named Dalton working here?”

-Welcome to the Varsho

 Team Goyette Projection: Top 1/3, maybe middle of the pack.

16) Eddy Almaguer

Kristian Robinson, Carter Kieboom, Ronny Mauricio, Jhon Torres, Tucupita Marcano. Damn, Eddy, Damn. Brass balls, big ones. “You know, I heard you had balls big enough to come in a dump truck, but you don’t look like much to me.” -Morgan, Roadhouse. The success of this team will rely on the first 5 picks due to the power and at bat risks generated. Absolutely love the pitching staff including Kevin Ginkel (upset I didn’t take him). I’m not a Tristan Casas guy at all, hopefully I’m proven wrong here.

Team Almaguer Projection: Uhhhhhhhh, liquor? Absolutely beats me with that doozy of a top 5 outside of Kieboom.

17) James Anderson

Elite pitching staff. Lineup that makes me go, huh? Names I don’t know: Terrin Vavra, Demracus Evans. Names I’ve heard of but know nothing about: Jake Fraley, Jameson Hannah, Geraldo Perdomo, Ryan Noda. If I wasn’t such a garbage prospector and fantasy talking-head, I’d go check these guys out. Instead, I’ll just say Aames Jnderson of Malmo, Sweden might need to start covering hockey.

Team Anderson Projection: Middle 1/3 of the table.

18) Patrick Brennan

Patty B, a man that loves talking the politics of baseball, did work. Love the lineup. Phenomenal mix of power and speed. This is a thing of beauty. Only pick I didn’t like is Jhailyn “Fezzik” Ortiz, I think he sucks at hitting a baseball with a bat. Pablo “Geronimo” Abreu is a name I was not familiar with but liked what I saw as an expert YouTube scout. The pitching appears to have no innings risk, a rarity in this draft, bravo again. Trying to find something else to nitpick but to-no-avail.

Team Brennan Projection: Championship contender and challenger for Commissioner Belt or Players Union President, watch out Mob Ranfred and Cony Tlark.

19) Ralph Lifshitz

Prospect Jesus did a bang-up job. The captain of the Padres bandwagon dating back to 2016 and insurer of elbows, sniped me on Taylor Widener, so I must find something bad to say about a pick here. No luck, picks that I especially hate include; Widener. Picks that I especially like include; Jonathan India, Nico Hoerner, Seby Zavala, Sam Hentges, and Corbin Martin. There is just a great mix of players in the upper levels or experienced players in the lower levels that will stack levels. It’s the proverbial high ceiling, high floor club.

Team Lifshitz Projection: Ego booster for this already egolicious Bahhstonite (did I do that right?). Championship contender, minuscule chance of finishing out of the top 1/3 of the table. 

20) Chip Bourne

I can’t even. Yes, it’s that bad.

Team Bourne Projection: 2020 Harvest MC and statistics supercomputer.

21) Ryan Ortiz

The man better known as Luis Gonzalez or Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez, did a decent job with the lineup here. I’m not an Estevan Florial or Peter Alonso guy, but again, what do I know? Love the ever-so-trendy Sherten Apostel pick, the Jarred Kelenic pick, and the Deivi Garcia pick. Michael Hellman is a guy that I was unfamiliar with and now really like, thanks JSVLR. Yardsale on the pitching front in my not so humble opinion, so good luck there bro.

Team Ortiz Projection: Middle 1/3 of the table, if you’re lucky, Spaniard. “Why do they call Gladiator the Spaniard? Because when he was sold as a slave in the middle east after surviving the murder attempt, the slave buyers didn’t know his nationality. And because he looked different and Caesasian they called him a Spaniard. And the name stuck. And it became his calling card in the gladiator ring.”

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