2019 MLB Draft Reactions – Baltimore Orioles

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1. Baltimore Orioles

Adley Rutschman, C

School: Oregon St (Pick 1.1)
Height: 6-2
Weight: 216 lbs
Hits/Throws: S/R

Prospects Live: “It’s rare that the best catching prospect is also arguably the draft’s best hitter. The switch-hitter shows plus raw power from both sides of the dish while providing elite framing and defensive behind it. The best catching prospect since Posey.”

FanGraphs: “He is arguably the best draft prospect of the last half decade, a polished, complete player with star-level physical tools.”

2080 Baseball: “He’s a potential franchise player at an elite defensive spot…”

Baseball Prospectus: “However, if the bat continues to play, he is a regular all-star caliber player given the positional scarcity. Given the physical demands of the position and high attrition rates, there is enough risk involved to prevent a higher OFP, although a 70 grade in the future is not out of the question.”

Sports Info Solutions: “Rutschman is a catcher with no concerns at all about a possible position change in the future. He has the all-around skill set at catcher that is extremely rare, and his performance has put him in position to be the first player selected in the 2019 MLB Draft.”

Juicy’s Final Mock: “He flashes a 60 bat, 60 plus power, elite plate discipline, calls games well, plus receiving, truly elite pop times and a great makeup. All with a proven track record against top competition. One of the clearest 1-1 picks in recent years.”


UP: .280/.360/.480, 22 HR, 1 SB, 50 FV ($15)

Expectation: .270/.350/.450, 18 HR, 1 SB, 50 FV ($12)

He’s been a clear 1.1 since last year’s draft, and his 2019 performance has suggested that he’s really putting it all together. New Baltimore GM Mike Elias should give fantasy owners more confidence in his development path. Only the rigors of donning the tools of ignorance on a regular basis could derail the Flying Rutschman.

2. Baltimore Orioles

Gunnar Henderson, SS

School: Prep (AL) (Pick 2.42)
Height: 6-3
Weight: 195 lbs
Hits/Throws: L/R

Prospects Live: A bat-first shortstop prospect with present raw power and an average hit tool. Henderson may eventually move off short, but his bat and athleticism will play at the hot corner.

FanGraphs: He’s a shortstop for now, though he more likely shifts to third base down the line. But he’s young-for-the-class and offers five tools that are 50 or 55.

2080 Baseball: He shows a high level of comfort in the box and could emerge as a legit above-average hit and power guy at maturity.

Juicy’s Final Mock: He is quick to get to his top end bat speed, making me believe he will be able to adjust well to high velo and quality spin when he faces it.


UP: .265/.330/.440, 15 HR, 8 SB, 50 FV, ($15)

Expectation: .245/.305/.415, 12 HR, 5 SB, 45 FV, ($6)

Elias gambles a bit on a young prep bat who spent the spring rising up draft boards. Some evaluators see potential 5s across the board, some see more power potential in his raw pop. A move to 3B is likely as well. Likely to be drawn away from his Auburn committ and slots in as one of the highest upside bats in Baltimore’s system now.

3. Baltimore Orioles

Kyle Stowers, OF

School: Stanford (Pick CBB.71)
Height: 6-3
Weight: 205 lbs
Hits/Throws: L/L

Prospects Live: How high you rate Stowers is depends on how you view his future power. Average tools across the board, but it’s a bat first profile.

FanGraphs: Stowers had a middling year due to issues with swing and miss, partially because he takes such a big, aggressive hack. That style of swinging is appealing to many teams, though, as it makes it likely that he’ll hit for power in games.

2080 Baseball: He made tremendous strides with his bat-to-ball skills, cutting his strikeout rate in half year-over-year. When he’s on, Stowers rotates well, generating torque that produces plus raw power from the left side.

D1Baseball.com: His loose hands and the great use of his hips (reminds me of Jason Giambi) in his swing produce torque and plus bat speed with power to all fields.

Sports Info Solutions: Stowers does have the potential to be an every day contributor at the major league level, but he will have to make mechanical adjustments to be more consistent, and broaden his approach by going the other way, considering the prevalence of shifting in today’s game. His glove will play in the outfield, although he will likely move to left field.


UP: .255/.320/.490, 23 HR, 5 SB, 50 FV ($15)

Expectation: .235/.295/.450, 18 HR, 3 SB 45 FV ($6)

Stowers came into 2019 with big expectations, stumbled a bit out of the gate, and then really turned it on in conference play (.336/.388/.569 in PAC-12). Power history with wood bats on the Cape shows that the raw power is real and he might have a chance at hitting that ceiling. Made significant improvements in K-rate too. Might be a better fantasy prospect than real life prospect, especially with the potential to flash his LH power at Camden Yards.

PickTeamPlayer NamePositionSchool
Adley RutschmanCOregon St (Pick 1.1)
Gunnar HendersonSSPrep (AL) (Pick 2.42)
Kyle StowersOFStanford (Pick CBB.71)

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