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When I wrote for Call to the Pen in the FanSided network, one of the pieces I put together every year went through the deaths in each year of anyone related to baseball. There would be more than 100 deaths to review each year, but I never put together a year like 2020.

Seven Hall of Fame players passed away in 2020, which is the most players that ever passed away in one year. Figuring in Dick Allen, you could say that number should be eight.

I would always include media members who covered the game and others around the game in the piece. For the first time in 2020, one of the people I would have included in the article would have been someone I considered a friend. Not just one, in fact.

The baseball prospect writing and baseball scouting communities have a lot in common in their respective mentoring for new members of the community that legitimately want to learn.

This year, sadly, one mentor of mine in each of the two communities passed away, but the loss of John Calvagno in December really brought to light exactly how the baseball prospect writing community should be.

John Calvagno

John Calvagno

John was truly given his first platform through the Minor League Ball of John Sickels, which has spawned a number of excellent prospect writers and inspired dozens more. John’s “Notes from the Sally” series on the Minor League Ball site began in 2015 and turned into a website that eventually grew into coverage of the Appalachian League as well.

John gave great, in-depth scouting reports on players throughout his writing time. Even more importantly, he epitomized what a member of the prospect writing community should be.

He freely gave of his time to those who were new to prospect writing, offering help in their writing and their scouting both to assist in better over quality throughout the prospect writing landscape, even though that would mean a potential competitor on the prospect writing landscape.

It didn’t stop John from having his own success, working his way to the position of lead prospect analyst at Prospects365 and onto the staff at Prospects Live after he chose to leave his personal website.

John’s willingness to give of his time is what all should strive for in the prospect writing community.

What we’re doing at Baseball Farm

We are putting together a community here at Baseball Farm that we want to be that type of environment. An environment that supports one another and makes one another better along the way rather than working to tear anyone else’s work down.

Quality conversation on different viewpoints in prospect writing is exactly why we do what we all do. If three evaluators seeing the same player agree on everything about that player, that would be the first time in history that had ever happened. It’s this difference of opinion and viewpoint that’s the true beauty of scouting and prospect writing.

We want those who are willing to not only take the time to evaluate and put their opinions out there but are willing to be part of a community that wants to help one another be better at our evaluations on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

If you’re interested, follow @baseballfarm and @biggentleben on Twitter. The latter is my personal Twitter, and I would love to talk with you about the amazing things we plan to harvest at the Farm in 2021!

P.S. If anyone wants to support the legacy of a great man and a great cause in our baseball prospect writing community, there is a GoFundMe set up for John’s family to cover his final expenses. Please go to and give what you can.

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