Daily Farm Report (4/11)

Welcome to the April 11th installment of The Daily Farm Report! We rake the news for each organization’s top farmhands and give you a digest with some commentary for you greedy prospectors to enjoy. Here are some recent news and highlights:

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DIGGING DATA: 2018’s Strawberry Start Studs

Back in the halcyon days before Baseball Farm was born, Chip Bourne created a methodology for determining which hitters and pitchers at each MiLB level had the best performances on the prior day. Tweaking the pitching performance data to determine the ‘best’ starts proved to be surprisingly tricky. So Chip came up with a formula which we have christened the “Strawberry Start Ratio” (SSR).

The SSR is inspired by Baseball HQ’s work on the PQS system. Basically, a pitcher gets credit for hitting certain benchmarks during the course of a start. The benchmarks for our SSR system are:

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The Crop Rotation – Brusdar Graterol and Matt Manning

So far, all my prospect writeups have focused on position players hailing them all as potential Phenoms.
Today I’m going to try my hand at evaluating pitchers. As many do in fantasy, I buy into the adage of
there is no such thing as a pitching prospect (shorted to TINSTAAPP, still a mouthful but wouldn’t call
people in the fantasy baseball community creative, so we might have to outsource for a better name).
Instead of spending an entire article on one pitching prospect and most likely looking like an idiot when
he doesn’t turn out. I’m going to hedge my bets a bit and highlight 2 of my personal favorites when it
comes to young arms. This way I double my chances of picking a successful pitcher down the line.

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