Cream of the Crop – Minnesota Twins Top-20 Farmhands

Going into this system I had high expectations, but this system blew me away honestly. It is far deeper than I realized. Alex and I, for the first time in doing these top 20’s, strongly disagreed on players and the top 20 as a whole. It lead to some incredibly interesting discussions (who knows maybe they carry over into a potential podcast *winky face*) that caused us to reevaluate first impressions we had on multiple players.

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Plum Prospects: Volume 6 (#51-60)

We put together our ‘Plum Prospect’ ranks by aggregating the rankings of the top prospects across several major, publicly available top-100 prospect lists. These are not our personal prospect picks. Rather, think of these rankings as measuring the ‘pulse’ of the current thinking among experts on prospect rankings. Use them as you would use ADP rankings in your fantasy league, to identify potential bargains on draft day or in trades. Additionally, you can use these rankings to double check your own rankings to figure out if you are too high or too low on a certain prospect.

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