The Harvest: Round 5 Recap

We’ve put together some of our favorite prospect minds to conduct a draft and hold roto competition. Full details on the competition can be found here. Here’s a brief recap of the fifth round of action:

5.1 – John Calvagno
CF – Mike Soroka – Atlanta Braves
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5.2 – Chip Bourne
3B – Ryan Vilade – Colorado Rockies
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5.3 – Phil Goyette
2B – Scott Kingery – Philadelphia Phillies
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5.4 – Nick O’Neal
RF – Austin Hays – Baltimore Orioles
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5.5 – Kim Contreras
SP – A.J. Puk – Oakland A’s
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5.6 – Jason Woodell
OF – Heliot Ramos – San Francisco Giants
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5.7 – Chris Williamson
OF – Cristian Pache – Atlanta Braves
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5.8 – Ralph Lifshitz
SP – Jay Groome – Boston Red Sox
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5.9 – Paul Ladd
1B – Nick Pratto – Kansas City Royals
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5.10 – Ryan Ortiz
SP – Corbin Burnes – Milwaukee Brewers
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5.11 – The Triumvirate
1B – Pavin Smith – Arizona Diamondbacks
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