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1. Jasson Dominguez – CF
2020 Top-30
Age: 16 yr, Weight: 190 lbs, Height: 5-10
Hits/Throws: S/R
Future Value
Ceiling: 60
Realistic: 50
Current Level: Yet to Debut, ETA: 2023
Plus speed, power, and arm give Dominguez the tools to be a special player, but a lot of it is pie in the sky until he debuts.

There’s very little light we can shed on “The Martian” that you can’t already search for yourself. Dominguez’s hype is on par with Kevin Maitan’s from back in the day, but it seems that enough non-organizational scouts have gotten a look to at least corroborate much of what has been prophesied.

Dominguez, who signed for $5.1 million in 2019 as the top international signee, has been scouted since he was 13, and according to him in this Baseball America feature from October, potentially even as young as 11.

A catcher in his youth, Dominguez’s athleticism let him play anywhere up the middle but the Yankees liked his route running and speed so they decided on the outfield. His raw power and athleticism shine at the plate where the Yankees clocked him at exit speed of over 105 mph+ swing after swing.

A short interview video that made the rounds in February showed just how thick Dominguez really is at such a young age. There might be some projection concerns, but keep in mind that’s not the end of the world. Even someone like Wander Franco is already at near completion of his frame and so long as it’s maintained well, it’s OK.

Yoan Moncada has been used as a comp by several and some have gone further with loftier comparisons. Given his age and his lack of experience of professional ball, he’s as extreme of a risk as they come, but his raw tools are special and we think he’ll get a stateside assignment in 2020 if there’s baseball in the summer.